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Say goodbye to the hangover blues 😥 - Start Your Hangover-Free Life Now!

Ah, the dreaded hangover… So you swear off drinking for good (at least till next time). But now you're stuck with a splitting headache, a queasy stomach, and you feel like the undead 🧟…

You just want the pain to go away! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Morning-After Misery with Hangover Monster's G+NAC Armor🛡️

The Ultimate Hangover Hack, Hangover Monster patches let you go all night and still be able to look forward to a great day the next morning!

The secret’s in the PREP!

"This isn't some wannabe hangover cure; it's a proactive approach to responsible drinking."

You just want to enjoy yourself... But then your post-binge body is desperately trying to save you from the vicious side-effects of breaking down booze!🍸

After drinking, your liver sets to work converting alcohol into two metabolites; acetaldehyde and ethanoate. These toxic metabolites seep into your cells, causing nausea, sweating, increased heart rate and -- horrendous headaches 🤕.

Then it causes oxidative stress, which leads to the feelings of tiredness, stiffness and nausea🤮.

When you consume copious amounts of liquor, your liver is unable to effectively complete this detoxification process because the essential enzymes required are depleted and toxins💀 build up.

The Good News - Now There's A Simple,

Easy-To-Use Solution! 🎉

How to Outsmart Hangovers with Science-Backed Hangover Monster Patches!

The Sciency Stuff🔬:

Hangover Monster Patches proprietary adhesive matrix formula delivers our proven blend of natural ingredients designed to reduce the effects of alcohol consumption and replenish vital nutrients lost during a night of drinking directly into your system.

This powerful combination of Glutathione and N-acetylcysteine, called G+NAC Armor, stimulates detoxification and boosts liver function, supporting recovery from alcohol consumption based on natural ingredient benefits. Hangover Monster is the perfect way to power through & party till dawn without sacrificing your body's health.


Glutathione (5.6mg per patch) is an essential enzyme required to process alcohol and convert it into water-soluable metabolites (that can be harmlessly excreted as urine).



Known as NAC, is one of the most effective supplements you can use to combat your hangover. NAC (2.4mg per patch) increases your body’s ability to produce Glutathione, (see above).

So get back in the game faster with Hangover Monster patches... like a little superhero under your outfit, Hangover Monster patches give your liver back what you are about to steal from it!

Easy Application

Monster-Sized Relief in a 🤏 Compact Patch

Patch delivery offers several benefits over oral delivery, including smooth, continuous time released delivery, increased bioavailability, and reduced interactions.

But more than this Hangover Monster Patches are very easy to use, discreet and, in particular for Hangover Patches, avoid any additional work for your liver (that poor thing deserves a break!)



G+NAC Armor🛡️ is a carefully formulated blend of Glutathione and N-aceytcysteine held within a proprietary adhesive matrix designed to boost liver detoxification.



The ultimate in discreet use products. The clear top film contains a clock timer image that vanishes as the patch activates. No-one will ever know your secret.



Apply the patch to a relatively hair free part of the body 30 minutes prior to your first alcoholic drink. The extended release formula will keep working until morning.



The easy peel release layer protects the patch and prevents evaporation of the essential nutrients. Perforations around each patch, make them easy to tear & share.


Three P’s to Party

  • Peel it off

  • Pop it on

  • Party!

shot glasses on a bar

As EASY as shots

Real People. Real Results.

Customer Testimonials

Regular People (Just Like You) enjoying a hangover free life!

(individual results may vary)

I hate hangovers & this is such a life saver!! 🙌🏼

Made my bff’s bachelorette weekend better! 🥂 We didn’t need to worry about hangover & we feel revitalized the morning after, we were able to celebrate another party for the bride to be while looking so fresh!

This Weekend Pack was perfect for the bride tribe def a must-have especially celebrating with the crew! Thank me later! 😜



San Diego, CA

Love this! I am a pharmacist and live on the bourbon trail!

This product definitely worked to give me the coverage I needed after a night out.

It was easy to use and I did not feel a hangover the next day!


Kaylen L


Hangover Monster saved me from a lot of nausea, headaches, and fatigue.

Hangover Monster is awesome! I get serious nausea and headaches the day after drinking, so I can only go out if I'm able to stay in bed the next day. Hangover Monster has given me life!!


Beth Noble


Whether you're a university student gearing up for a big game

a fitness enthusiast balancing social life with health goals,

or a busy mom who needs a night out with the girls...

Hangover Monster invites you to join the party revolution

and say goodbye to monster hangovers.

#NoMoreHangovers #PartyLikeAMonster


You've got questions? We've got answers!

We know that you're looking for the ultimate solution to your hangover problems, so just like a perfect cocktail, we've mixed up some answers to your most pressing questions and concerns to help put your mind at ease and get you on your way to feeling great!

So, let's shake things up and put those doubts on ice!

Is Hangover Monster just another overhyped hangover cure?

Not a chance! We've got the real deal here. Hangover Monster has been specially formulated with G+NAC Armor, a transdermal Glutathione and N-acetylcysteine Matrix to help prevent the toughest hangovers. It's backed by scientific research, a boatload of positive testimonials, and best of all, it's all-natural. We're not promising to transform water into wine here; just to help your body deal with wine a little better! 😉

Plus, our customers swear by it! (And it sure beats eating raw eggs or drinking pickle juice.)

And we stand by our Monster... That's why we make sure you're protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.

Is Hangover Monster safe to take with medication? I'm not trying to have a cocktail of side-effects.

Fair point! We're all about partying smart here. While Hangover Monster's natural ingredients are generally safe to mix with most medications, if you're on any prescription drugs or have a medical condition, do the responsible thing and check with your healthcare professional.

We don't want you playing mixologist with your health!

How does Hangover Monster compare to other hangover remedies on the market?

It's a bit like choosing a drink at a well-stocked bar. Ah, the paradox of choice! Well, think of Hangover Monster as the top-shelf stuff. It's more than a band-aid solution; it's preventative care for your liver.

Unlike those sugary 'hangover drinks,' our patches are convenient, natural, and don't ask your liver to process any more stuff. It's like sending your liver on a spa day while you party away!

Can Hangover Monster protect me from making bad karaoke choices?

While our patch is a superhero against hangovers, we must admit, it doesn't quite have superpowers against off-key renditions of "Bohemian Rhapsody". But hey, remember, a night of fun is always about hitting the right spirit, not necessarily the right notes. 🎤

I've heard Hangover Monster is lab-tested. Does that mean a bunch of white-coated folks are partying in the lab?

While we like the image of a lab party, the reality is slightly less thrilling. "Lab-tested" simply means our patches have undergone strict testing procedures to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness. No lab-coated folks were partied out during this process! 💉

I'm not a fan of shots (I'm talking about needles, not Tequila). Do these patches hurt?

Good news! These patches are as painless as a refreshing Mojito on a sunny beach. Just peel, stick, and you're good to go. The only 'ouch' you'll feel is from refusing another round of limbo dancing!

Can I wear Hangover Monster patches as party fashion accessories?

Well, while they're not quite the glitzy accessory to complement your outfit, they're small and discreet - your secret weapon against hangovers.

But if you want to make a statement and rock it as a badge of your smart party choices, go for it! 🕺

Does using Hangover Monster mean I've joined a secret society or something?

Though the thought of a secret party society sounds fun, in reality, with Hangover Monster, you join a community of smart, health-conscious revelers who know how to balance a night of drinking with the next day's duties.

You can still opt for a secret handshake, though! 🤝

Will Hangover Monster help me party like a rockstar?

Absolutely, without the trashed hotel room part (I hope)! It allows you to enjoy the night fully and still wake up the next day without feeling like you've gone ten rounds in a boxing ring.

It's your backstage pass to an epic night and a surprisingly fresh morning after. 🎸

We want you to avoid hangover hell, so if you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us below.

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